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Impact of Dumping of Fishing Nets on Marine life

Annually, millions of marine animals ranging from sea turtles, seals to dolphins and whales are harmed by ocean pollution caused by excessive dumping of fishing gears. And Abandoned plastic fishing nets are the major contributor to this problem. The fishing nets of all kinds can travel large distances through tides, and they can remain in the ocean long after they are thrown or left, resulting in death and injuries of marine mammals and all sorts of small and large fishes. Consequently, fishing net dumping is a significant contributor to the increasing global threat to marine life.

An overview of the problem

It’s highly essential to understand the elimination of marine plastic pollution by taking individual initiatives to reduce abandonment of fishing nets and gears is a worldwide effort.

Many global private organizations and government organizations are working on the solutions to bring this matter to general public awareness and educating the fishing industry about the ramifications of unnecessary excessive dumping. A request was also released from their sides to forbidden the dumping of fishing nets and gears on the seabed and anywhere around the sea.

Ocean plastic pollution is a growing global issue that definitely has a very significant negative impact on both the ocean’s marine life and our world ecosystem.

According to World Animal Protection, “Discarded nylon plastic fishing net is turned out to be the major pollution creator, with an estimated quantity of 640,000 tons of fishing gears are found on the ocean bed each year entangled on coral reefs polluting the entangled on coral reefs the deep seafloor.

The actual problem

Most fishermen use nylon plastic nets, which is a durable material that causes a significant threat to marine life worldwide. Still, if appropriately manipulated, it can cause less harm to them as they are easy to collect and reprocess.

Many companies are looking for innovative solutions to reutilize the dumped fishing nets. They are also working with fishermen in the recycling of polyethylene nets to stop them from being dumped in the ocean by motivating them through incentives. People consider the use of polyethylene nets as a problem to this issue. However, apparently, it is not true because the real cause is dumping these nets, not the polyethylene nets themselves.

The ultimate solution 

Many authorities want to eradicate the use of polyethylene nets for fishing, although it is not the right solution because complete biodegradable fishing nets formation and usage is a farfetched idea which can only be implemented until researchers discovered a way to create polyethylene free fully biodegradable fishing nets and gears and before that concerned authorities should stop the dumping of polyethylene nets and encourage the reuse of these fishing nets which can be a pretty practical step that they can take in order to hinder this growing issue. And indeed, this attempt can reduce plastic pollution and save millions of marine animal life to a great extent because this measure directly impacts the root cause of this growing issue, which is dumping.