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TP Strong is the leading China protection net manufacturer. We provide the premium quality wholesale safety nets at the most reasonable prices. We ensure that the safety nets are robust, compact, ventilated, heat-insulated, and fireproof. Being the leading China safety net supplier, we combine long-lasting materials and advanced knitting to ensure that the quality parameters are reached. The mesh layers are handled with flame retardant and protection against UV to satisfy robust safety specifications. We are the only wholesale safety nets manufacturer that focuses on producing high-quality safety nets that offer high productivity and consistent quality and offer them at the most reasonable prices.

Why Choose Us?

Being the best China safety net supplier, TP strongly believes in the research and development process. We ensure that all our production processes are lean and follow minimum waste policies. So, providing its valued consumers with a perfect product carries out a range of tests, such as tensile testing & density examination, to ensure that the standard will satisfy customers' expectations. We strictly provide the following parameters

  • Top-in-line raw materials - In our goods, we use 100% virgin HDPE as a raw material instead of recycled plastic items.
  • More extended product service - Our product has a service life of at least five years as compared to other safety nets available in the market that offers an experience of 3 years.
  • Modern weaving technology - We believe in improvising our knitting methods and use the latest technology to increase the strength of the structure of our safety nets.

Providing The Best Services And Products

We are the leading China protection net manufacturer. Thus, we provide nets backed up with high-density Polyethylene mesh with ¼ mesh openings and allow air to pass. We are regarded as the wholesale safety nets manufacturer as we focus on providing the most extreme level of customer services and support and providing high-quality products.