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  • Football Net
  • Football Net
  • Football Net
  • Football Net
  • Football Net

Football Net


100% Brand new with high quality

Quick shifts between running, walking and sprinting are great aerobic exercise

Playing soccer develops coordination and motor skills and promotes an active lifestyle

Portable and easy to assemble goals mean a soccer field is never far away

Assembly is easy and requires no tools

Bring your set to the beach, pick a spot in the park, or hold a neighborhood match in your back yard


Material: HDPE.PP.PES  Colour: White.Green Orange.Blue.Red etc


Twine Size: dia 2mm-5mm Mesh  Size: per request


Knot type: Knotted net. knotless net Mesh type: Square mesh.sexangle mesh


Side Rope: dia 5-6mm  Colour: Orange.White ,black etc


Service: we have professional sales with rich experience


ball barrier net


We are net factory for OEM service with reasonable cost.


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