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  • PP knotless net
  • PP knotless net
  • PP knotless net
  • PP knotless net
  • PP knotless net

PP Knotless Net

PP net is mechanically net with smooth surface, uniform mesh . It is mainly used for fence, hanging net, fence net used in parks, manors and stadiums. 

Material: high strength polypropylene  

Color: white red black green blue dark green etc


Polypropylene netting is a high-strength mesh with various colors. Polypropylene mesh netting is also available in many rope diameters and mesh sizes, with good break strength and optimum use. UV stabilizers making this net ideal for outdoor use,here are many popular applications ,polypropylene cargo net,polypropylene bird netting,golf black polypropylene netting etc .As one of the leading polypropylene netting manufacturers ,we provide OEM service with batch processing with customized specifications.

PP nets

PP knotless net , widly used as fence net,sports net ,birdnets soft and durable quality without rough knots to ensure less damage to people or harvests. 

Playground/Safety net- PP knotless net feels soft and is a favorite of the children's playground structure.

Cat Net - This very soft material is very popular in cat netting .

Item PP knotless net
Material Polypropylene
Diameter  2mm-6mm per request 
Mesh size  20X20mm-150mmX150mm
Color Customized
Edge Rope Strand rope or Braided rope

knotless netting


Light weight

Higher wear-resistant 

Easier to operate, safe


High-strength polypropylene, resistant to UV rays,more stability 

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