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Polyethylene  ,polypropylene,nylon,polyester TWINE.

High strength, low elongation,

Wear resistance, corrosion resistance,

Soft and smooth, easy to operate

UV treated 

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We manufacture various specifications fishing net twine.

Varieties of polyethylene  ,polypropylene,nylon,polyester material . The fishing net twine with the advantages of high strength, low elongation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, soft and smooth, easy to operate, etc. At the same time, it can make anti-static and other special ropes.

fishing net twine factory supplier wholesale

fishing net twine supplier factory


1. wide range of colors and applications

2 high temperature resistance

3 high corrosion resistance

4 good wear resistance

5 simple operation

The strand rope is mainly used in various fields such as ship arrangement, fishing, port loading and unloading, electric power construction, oil exploration, sporting goods, national defense research, Fishing net twine,fishing net repair twine,fishing net repair needle,fishing net yarn,twine for fishing nets,etc

The cable has the properties of tensile strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, flexibility, lightness and softness. It is used to tie multi strand ropes of ships. It is required to have tensile, impact resistance, wear resistance, flexibility, light and soft properties.

In the past, steel rope, hemp or cotton rope were commonly used; after the emergence of synthetic fiber, nylon, polypropylene, vinylon, polyester and other products have been mostly used. In addition to light weight, high strength, good impact resistance and wear resistance, synthetic fiber cable has the advantages of corrosion resistance, mildew resistance and moth resistance. For example, the strength and wear resistance of nylon cable are several times more than that of hemp and cotton cable, and the proportion of polypropylene cable is less than that of water, so it can float on the water surface, convenient and safe for operation. According to the processing structure, chemical fiber cable can be divided into 3-strand, multi strand twisted cable and 8-strand, multi strand twisted cable. The diameter of 3-strand cable is generally 1-50mm, and that of 8-strand cable is generally 35-120mm. Chemical fiber cable is not only used for ship mooring, but also widely used in transportation, industry, mining, sports and fishery. According to the needs of special applications, metal materials can also be incorporated into the cable core.

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