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  • Volleyball Net
  • Volleyball Net
  • Volleyball Net
  • Volleyball Net

Volleyball Net


1.The net section is shaped by professional setting machine after high temperature heating to ensure the looseness of the net knots.

2.Made of quality material, strong, durable and non-absorbent.

3.Features wind and rain resistance. 

4.Easy to install, it promotes your children the manipulative ability.

5.Light and portable, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

6.Durable material and bright color, make it attractive in price and quality.



Material: PE (polyethylene) 

Color: Black or green or customized 

Mesh:12cm (Approx.) or customized 

Wire diameter:2.2mm(Approx.) or customized

Our net is adjustable for men, women, and children with adjustable height.

Fast paced fun - in the yard, on the beach, or anywhere you want, you can play anytime, anywhere. Let's create a game, it's endless fun!

Quick setup - set up within minutes with a friend, very stable, no shaking.

Adjustable Net - Choose men or women to adjust the height to make the game as challenging as you want. No matter what your age or skill, the quadrilateral is fun for the whole family.

Portable - bring it with you to any outdoor activity!

ball stop net  1040

How to install volleyball net:

According to the requirements of the game, the height of the net should not be less than 2.15m, and the distance between the net poles should be greater than 9m. In ordinary competitions, the net pole is fixed by a special base, and there are ready-made poles on the net pole to determine the distance of the station. The pole should be inserted at the top of the net, on the middle line as far as possible. The distance between the two poles is 9 meters.

There are many ways to fix the net pole: you can use a rope or a ready-made pole to determine the distance to stand up. The sign pole is inserted at the top of the net, and the distance between the two poles is 9 meters.

Net height of women's Volleyball: Men's 2.43 meters, women's 2.24 meters. In general, the height of boys' net is 2.24 ~ 2.35 meters, and that of girls is 2.00 ~ 2.15 meters. Depending on the nature of the competition or the level of the participants, some competitions can also be held at their own level.

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