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China Leading Fishing Net Manufacturer

Tpstrong Net&Rope is the leading Fishing net supplier of China with years of experience in this industry. We have a versatile variety of nets with customized details, which supply for different activities like commercial fishing or agriculture uses or sports applications, etc. Our net is durable and long life service. We have a team of skilled workers and professional designers which make sure all our net and rope products with top quality and make us prominent in the China fishing net manufacturer industry.

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Impact of Dumping of Fishing Nets on Marine life

Annually, millions of marine animals ranging from sea turtles, seals to dolphins and whales are harmed by ocean pollution caused by excessive dumping of fishing gears. And Abandoned plastic fishing nets are the major contributor to this problem. The fishing nets of all kinds can travel large distances through tides, and they can remain in the ocean long after they are thrown or left, resulting in death and injuries of marine mammals and all sorts of small and large fishes. Consequently, fishing net dumping is a significant contributor to the increasing global threat to marine life. An overview of the problem It’s highly essential to understand the elimination of marine plastic pollution by taking individual initiatives to reduce abandonment of fishing nets and gears is a worldwide effort. Many global private organizations and government organizations are working on the solutions to bring this matter to general public awareness and educating the fishing industry about the ramifications of unnecessary excessive dumping. A request was also released from their sides to forbidden the dumping of fishing nets and gears on the seabed and anywhere around the sea. Ocean plastic pollution is a growing global issue that definitely has a very significant negative impact on both the ocean’s marine life and our world ecosystem. According to World Animal Protection, “Discarded nylon plastic fishing net is turned out to be the major pollution creator, with an estimated quantity of 640,000 tons of fishing gears are found on the ocean bed each year entangled on coral reefs polluting the entangled on coral reefs the deep seafloor. The actual problem Most fishermen use nylon plastic nets, which is a durable material that causes a significant threat to marine life worldwide. Still, if appropriately manipulated, it can cause less harm to them as they are easy to collect and reprocess. Many companies are looking for innovative solutions to reutilize the dumped fishing nets. They are also working with fishermen in the recycling of polyethylene nets to stop them from being dumped in the ocean by motivating them through incentives. People consider the use of polyethylene nets as a problem to this issue. However, apparently, it is not true because the real cause is dumping these nets, not the polyethylene nets themselves. The ultimate solution  Many authorities want to eradicate the use of polyethylene nets for fishing, although it is not the right solution because complete biodegradable fishing nets formation and usage is a farfetched idea which can only be implemented until researchers discovered a way to create polyethylene free fully biodegradable fishing nets and gears and before that concerned authorities should stop the dumping of polyethylene nets and encourage the reuse of these fishing nets which can be a pretty practical step that they can take in order to hinder this growing issue. And indeed, this attempt can reduce plastic pollution and save millions of marine animal life to a great extent because this measure directly impacts the root cause of this growing issue, which is dumping.

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Various Types of Nets and Their Importance

A net is an open material of thread, wire, or cord, the intersections of which are knotted or looped in order to form a mesh. Nets are mainly used for fishing. The primary stages in the manufacture and use of nets are hard to trace because fabrics were perishable and tools simple, but there is a strong sign that nets were first utilized by the hunter-gatherers of southern Europe from Upper Paleolithic times. Primitive netting was created with thread or cord made from a varied range of vegetable fibers (bark, bast, roots, leaves, and stems) and animal tissues (hide, hair, sinew, intestine, and baleen). Now the contemporary nets, mostly machine-made, are composed of vegetable fibers (such as cotton, hemp, manila, flax, and sisal) or synthetic fibers (such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene). The artificial fibers are innately rotproof, whereas vegetable fibers must be treated against rot with materials such as tar. The following key terms are mostly used in the netting world, which everyone must know about. Twine There are two main types of twine, which you will likely come across are polyethylene and nylon. Nylon is durable and very strong. It’s extremely versatile and is used in fishing, gardening, rigging, crafts, and the list never stops. As compared to the nylon twine, which is pretty rough to the touch, the Polyethylene twine is much smoother to the touch and is extremely robust. It is also mostly used to repair nets manufactured of the same polyethylene material. Rope The rope in the netting world is thicker than a twine. It can be used in situations that require a bit more ‘oomph’ such as heavy boats or in industrial situations or scaffolding, for instance. Its strength is also beneficial when being used in rope bridges for kid’s play areas. The ropes are usually made from polypropylene. It is tough and does not rot. Also, it’s extremely versatile. And it’s also comparatively soft to the touch. Knotless Polypropylene Netting As the name indicates, knotless Polypropylene netting is recognized mainly by the fact that it doesn’t appear to have any knots. Instead, the several strands are woven together. It provides the netting a soft touch, which makes it perfect for use when it comes to impediments in children’s soft play areas. And it is fascinating to know this type of netting is made available in multiple colors. Braided Polyethylene Netting Here again, the name suggests that these types of nets are knotted or braided together. Whereas polypropylene is lenient to the touch and is able to be woven together when it is about making nets with the more plastic-feeling polyethylene fishing net, the strands must be braided together, or ‘knotted’ as we say in the business. This method makes sturdier nets, and because of the nature of the polyethylene twine used, it makes them highly hardwearing. For instance, whereas softer polypropylene nets are used for the impediments in children’s play areas, braided polyethylene netting is applied for the safety nets surrounding them.

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Fishing Can Be A Safe Adventure And Family-Fun Time?

Engaging yourself and your family in fun yet recreational activities is true, a valuable time well-spent! Fishing with your family and friends can be a good deal of fun backed up with essential physical and mental strength. While it helps strengthen the family connections, it helps in learning and mastering the fantastic teaching skills that can be beneficial in not just this activity but also from several walks of life. It helps in learning the importance of how making your own food can be a source of happiness and why safety is and should be the prime concern in everyday life. Fishing allows parents to vocationally help children by supervising them on a lighter note.  Safety and security are also considered fun, and recreational activities should always ensure that everyone has a good and safe time. Even the advisory committees report that everyone should consider fishing! It is, in fact, true! The physical activity guidelines that have been forwarded for 2018 ensure that everyone should adopt some kind of leisure activity, but it should be physically strengthening. Particular focus is being put on China fishing net exporters so that they can ensure that their products get safe and secure as each minute passes. Why do I consider fishing? Because it offers fun, puts and boosts strength, and is literally inexpensive. You can use a simple bait such as sweet or corn to get the fishes in the net. You do not have to get a new and updated version of gadgets each time. Use what you have got and get as many fishes as you can. This activity is simple, considering it does not require elite equipment, but it definitely needs good physical strength and perfect body techniques. If you are not already good at these, you can quickly learn these when you practice repeatedly. Keep it simple and gather all the experience!     Read Our More Blogs BlogSpot | Weebly | WordPress

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TPstrong is the best China fishing net manufacturer which offers you the best quality of fishing nets with the most economical rates. Our prices are market competitive, and we provide incredible packages to our prime customers. Our clients all over the globe are always satisfied with our pricing. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our valued customers that they become our company ambassadors. With continuous hard work and dedication, you can reach the highest business goal together.


We are the most reliable fishing net supplier who works efficiently according to the international standards and has been maintaining our name for many years. There are a number of things that make us a trustworthy fishing net manufacturer plus unique and exclusive as compared to the others in the market.

We offer nets for different sizes of fish. The hook of the net we make is sturdy, and the mesh is well-knotted.

Overall, you attain a durable fishing net from us, which will make your fishing much convenient.
  • 1 These durable nets we make have an excellent grip and captures the fish in the water very well.
  • 2 These fishing nets can withstand rougher weather conditions.
  • 3 The fishing nets we manufacture do not get mingled with the plants on the sea but withstands against them.
  • 4 The fishing nets are processed in highly efficient weaving machines.
  • 5 Our fishing nets are easily distinguishable as we keep them separated according to various colors. These colors also help to see the nets in the oceans.


TPstrong as the best fishing net manufacturing factory is divided into various departments to provide its customers with the best and not disappoint them. Our customer care department is active 24 hours a day to answer all the queries of our clients. We also provide customizations for our respected customers which makes us leading wholesale fishing net suppliers and manufacturers.

Advanced Fishing net Production Equipment

Our company has advanced fishing net making production equipment for fish net manufacturing. After years of development, we have formed a complete flow production lines for wire drawing, rope making, twisting, netting, assembly, shaping, and packaging, as the direct fishing net factory we can produce different wire diameter, different fishing net mesh, and color. Our company strictly implements the industry standard in the production process and processes according to the different needs of customers. It can produce various kinds of polyethylene net, nylon net, pp net, etc.

The product quality of our factory reached the international advanced level.

At present, the annual production capacity of the fishing net is more than 1000 tons.

The products are widely used in fishery, agriculture, industry, construction, sports, and other fields. The bulk fish netting sells well in domestic and foreign markets. Our factory can produce the following products: ocean plastic fishing nets, trawl netting, purse seine netting.

Professional Manufacturer of Deep Sea fishing net

Tpstrong netting factory is a professional manufacturer of deep-sea fishing nets and bird nets and ball stop nets in China. It provides bulk fish netting for China's major fishing ports all year round and has many years of export business. The company's products are widely used in fishing, breeding, agriculture, industry, construction, and other industries. We specialized in producing polyethylene fishing net, nylon fishing net, and pp net, etc. The products are Polyethylene fishing net, nylon fishing net, breeding cage, anti bird net, bird catching net,

fishing cage, marine fishing net, squid net, barracuda net, shrimp crawling the net, crab net, catfish net, jellyfish net, drift net, shrimp net, scallop net, crab cage, spring cage, etc. As one of the leading fishing net makers, our products cover a wide range with OEM service with the customization and our shipment on timely delivery. We have a strong technical force, excellent equipment, complete testing equipment, scientific and strict management. Our factory has a large fishing net and twine machine and steam setting machine. All products are operated in strict accordance with the requirements of international standard quality management.

Leading Net and Twine supplies

As the leading net and twine supplies in China, our nets with the advantages of strong adaptability to fish, reasonable structure, tight mesh, accurate size, bright color, and long service life. Jaring HDPE is suitable for fishing and breeding in the deep sea, shallow sea, rivers, lakes. We service customers home and abroad for a long time with excellent quality, reasonable price, timely delivery. Our factory makes OEM service for fishing net china wholesale purposes, strictly abide by the principle of quality and honesty making constant efforts to make Tpstong

net making the professional products to benefit our customers. It is suitable for fishing and breeding in the deep sea, shallow sea, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and ditches. Production of different diameters and colors of nylon mesh, polyethylene mesh. The polyethylene fishing net is widely used in fishing, breeding, agriculture. Our factory has a high level of production and processing for all kinds of fishing net twine products. As one of the most popular polyethylene netting suppliers, our products are of high quality and favorable price.