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  • HDPE Raschel Net
  • HDPE Raschel Net
  • HDPE Raschel Net
  • HDPE Raschel Net
  • HDPE Raschel Net

HDPE Raschel Net

Knotless netting has a variety of applications, because there are no small knots in the joins of the net it is smoother and will not injure people or small animals rubbing against it. This makes knotless nets great for things like:

Indoor Soccer Netting

Bird Netting (protects birds)

Indoor cricket and other indoor Sports

Animal Netting

Cargo Netting

Raschel net is a popular and widely used product all over the world, which has the advantages of aging resistance and long service life. Various color available matching of multiple applications, construction, factory enterprises, oil field seaport, aquaculture, power supply, sports venues, recreation, children's park facilities.


Description of knotless net: knotless net is formed by interweaving the net wire or each strand of the net cable. According to its structure, it can be divided into warp knitted mesh, braided mesh, twisted mesh,  plain woven mesh and formed mesh. According to the material used, it can be divided into knotless nylon net and polyethylene knotless net .

Usually, knotless netting machine equipped with guide bars is used to connect the warp yarns into loops to form a net. Because the performance and safety of warp knitting are closely related. Therefore, raschel net has been widely used in fishery and other fields, especially in cage aquaculture and purse seine aquaculture.Raschel netting advantages of high speed, wide mesh width . Knotless net is flat, wear-resistant, light in weight, stable in structure, high in strength. It can be widely used in fishing at sea, freshwater fishing and aquaculture and other special purposes. Knotless net is used for triangle tiger Purse Seine, trawl, sports net, cargo net, safety net, deep sea culture cage (used for breeding large yellow croaker, salmon, tilapia,etc.)

raschel net

Knotless net features: there is no knot between the mesh and mesh, and the whole mesh surface is very smooth and smooth. Compared with the knotted net, the knotless net with advantages of high strength, less material consumption, light weight, uniform mesh size and wear resistance, and the fishing gear made of knotless mesh has less resistance of water during operation or towing.

raschel net

Application of knotless netting: knotless netting is generally used in the fishing industry and sports courses,corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, light and strong,with characteristics of firm mesh nodules, accurate size, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance, durability, etc.

The Knotless net produced by our factory is made of polyethylene or nylon or polyester.

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